Equipped with the finest technology for maximum cooling and minimum energy consumption. And most importantly, a stamp of trust from ETA, the experts in air conditioning.

Why Vestar?

  • Japanese Technology in PCB & Control circuits
  • Super silent
  • Heat Exchangers with pure Copper
  • Specially coated fins with ML7I
  • 4 stages of speed
  • High ambient operation
  • High airflow
  • Excellent service network

Two-directional Air Flow

As the density of cold and warm air is different, the indoor unit blows out air horizontally and vertically in different modes. With this feature, the room temperature remains consistent and comfortable during operation.


Sleep Mode

In Sleep Mode, the temperature adjusts according to the room temperature by rising when temperature drops and by dropping when temperature rises to allow for a sound sleep without over cooling or under-cooling at night.



In the case of unexpected power outages, the unit automatically restarts at the last Function setting when the power resumes.


LED Display

The high-resolution LED display gives you intelligent display of desired temperature and current operation mode.


Temperature Compensation

Owing to different installation height for indoor unit, sensors are not able to sense the actual floor temperature which leads to temperature deviations. This can be rectified by changing the jumping wire combination in the indoor PCB.


Turbo Operation

In Turbo mode, the AC maximizes the output of cooling or heating capacity, making the room cool or warm rapidly to attain desired temperature in reduced time.


Timer Mode

Timer Mode sets automatic ON/OFF function in a 12hr/24hr time mode.


Efficient Internal Thread
Copper Pipes

With optimized, trapezoidal Internal Thread Copper Pipes, heat exchange area is increased, exchange efficiency is improved and refrigerant efficiency is enhanced.


Active Carbon Filter

The filter is made up of an Active Carbon layer and an Electrostatic Fiber layer. Active Carbon eliminates odors such as Ammonia and de-activates harmful chemical gases like Formaldehyde. The Electrostatic Fiber forms a positive electrode on the filter, trapping small dust particles, smoke and pet fur.


Two-Speed Outdoor Fan

With this feature, temperature ranges are greatly increased for both cooling and heating operation.


Quiet Operation

Indoor and Outdoor units are insulated and equipped with low noise motors to minimize noise during operation.


Easy-Clean Panels & Filters

Filters as well as face panels require periodic cleaning for optimal performance. With the Easy-Clean build, all Vestar ACs can be easily dismantled, cleaned and refitted.